Using the internet for research has a lot of advantages, and it is not a surprise that the use of the web for research needs (such as academic, marketing and others) is rising steadily. Unlike the situation a few years ago, Israel penetration level of internet use is high, and stands on about 75% of all households, which increases the attractiveness of the internet use for researchs. Some of the major advantages of internet research are:

Internet research advantages compared to telephone surveys

1) People participate voluntarily.

2) People participate whenever they like.

3) The internet allows the use of multimedia in research - text questions, images, music and video.

4) The internet allows you to adjust the research tool to the participators.

5) The internet allows research in special populations, Who previously was difficult to access to, and sometimes even impossible to access to.

Internet research advantages compared to laboratory research

1) People participate voluntarily (participation for academic credit do not really considered voluntary participation).

2) People participate whenever they like.

3) People participate in suitable place for them, and there is no need to establish a special laboratory.

4) Ecological validity!.

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